Straw phonation

All kidding aside, what about those straws? I see a lot of questions appearing about the type of straws, the length, the thickness...

I'd like to give you some more explanation!

What is straw phonation?

It's an exercise where we make sound through a straw. It's part of a series of SOVT exercises or Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract. This literally means Semi-Oncluded Vocal Tract.

What is the effect of straw phonation?

Since the mouth is only partially closed, there will be more pressure in the vocal tract above the vocal cords (supraglottic space). This will make the vibration of the vocal folds easier. It facilitates a relaxed, low larynx if done correctly.

What should you pay attention to?

The air should only pass through the straw (sound projection!). There should be no air relaxing through the mouth or nose. Try to focus on a low, relaxed position of the larynx.

The choice of straw depends on the purpose of the exercise. The thinner the straw, the more pressure is needed to produce sound. A good tuning technique is then extremely important. Start with a straw that feels comfortable for you.

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