This tape is used for kinesio taping. This is a technique to stretch and facilitate muscles and is often used by fysiotherapists. It is also possible to use this technique for muscles that have a influence on your voice and reduce tension in the head and schoulder region.


Thanks to its specific composition, material and manufacture, this tape has a number of unique properties. It is made of a special type of fabric, woven like human skin, and has the following characteristics:

  • Stretchability of 150%, similar to the skin
  • Thickness and weight similar to the skin, which means less irritation
  • Stretchable in three directions, diagonal to the longitudinal axis
  • Permeable to air and moisture allowing the skin to breathe and sweat. This causes less softening and irritation of the skin.
  • The tape is moisture resistant, showering and bathing is possible with this tape.
  • The tape shrinks by 10% when applied to the skin (shrinking and lifting effect)
  • The tape is easy to remove from the skin and leaves no traces of glue.

Easy Tape Therapeutic

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