Straw phonation is an exercise where we make sound through a straw. It is part of a series of SOVT exercises or Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract. This means: Semi-Oncluded Vocal Tract.  


Because of the different sizes in straws you can gradually increase the difficulty of your exercise. 


The effect of straw phonation:

More pressure in the vocal tract

The mouth is only partially closed (around the straw) so that the pressure remains in the vocal tract. The vibration of the voice folds will be easier.  This ensures less voice fatigue.

More balanced line of the voice folds

There is a flow of breath from the lungs if the mouth is open during phonation. This creates pressure against the folds of the voice. The pressure returns to the tuning folds, giving them a more balanced upward position.

Lowering of the formants

Formants are resonance at a certain frequency. During straw phonation, the vocal tract is twice as long and it causes the values to be lower. This can help singers find a correct timbre.

Set of 3 RVS Straws

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  • Three straws are supplied (thick - thin - curved). Included is a brush to clean the straws and a cover for the three straws. 


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