With a lot of love I put together a box with my favourite exercises. Not just a collection of products but a total package in which I help you and explain these exercises step by step. 


What do you receive?

  • Inhalator
  • 2 x Lav Vox tubes
  • Voice Vibrator
  • 2 x EasyTape Therapeutic
  • Flow ball
  • Flow ball advanced 
  • Set of 3 stainless steel straps
  • Kazoo

In addition to the material you will receive: 

  • Instruction book with my exercises (no less than 60 pages English Ebook, Dutch paper book)
  • Access to Vocal Academy ( a video platform where I explain everything to you)
  • Discussion group via the video platform (this way I can support you even better)
  • A super nice box to store all your equipment in.

Voice Box

SKU: 0006
237,90 €Price
  • Each product comes with the thoroughly worked out exercise so you can get started right away at home! In addition, you will receive a video instruction to further explain the written exercise.

    Our values:

    • Scientifically based exercises
    • Tested and approved by our team
    • Online and offline guidance

    More than just products!

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